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Showcasing your cattle… For sales, for shows, for your website, and more.  .

Alyssa Hahn knows what it takes to sell cattle through a sale and by private treaty.  She came off the ranch and was involved in showing and fitting cattle.  She expanded her education with an Animal Science Degree from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. She came home and went straight to work in the industry in her position at World West Sire Services and maintains her lifestyle and knowledge on the Lost Creek Red Angus Ranch.  She continues to work with cattle shows and works as a ring steward.  Alyssa Hahn knows what it takes to select the right cattle, feed them right, breed them right, and  ultimately sell them right.

Alyssa has grown her experience into cattle photography for producers to enhance the marketing of their livestock on and off the ranch.  She will take single bull pictures or pictures of every bull in the pen.  She enjoys herd pictures, ranch pictures, and the working lifestyle photos.  Alyssa has taken photography classes to expand her knowledge that combines with her ability to patiently work with the cattle to get the best shot.  If her first shot is not the best, she’ll take another until she gets it just right!

Contact Alyssa today to have her visit your herd, showcase her portfolio and begin building your herd portfolio through photos!

Alyssa’s Cell Phone:  (406) 839-0901