Lost Creek Red Angus Bulls for Sale

Lost Creek Red Angus bulls are ready to go to work.  These bulls are for sale by private treaty.

We feed the bulls ourselves at the ranch, they are developed on a 15% protein pellet with grass and sainfoin hay. We strive to offer bulls that are sound, well balanced and have good muscle definition. Lost Creek Red Angus Bulls are GUARANTEED for one breeding season. Give us a call. We welcome you to stop by the ranch and take a look at these bulls.  We are look forward to putting them to work in your herd!

Private Treaty

Our family is appreciative of your interest in our program. We are thankful to our past, present and future customers. We are truly blessed to be a part of the Red Angus breed and agricultural community.

The ranch is all dryland, so we rely heavily on mother nature. The cows must be efficient in these dry years to make a living. We strive to produce cows that are highly maternal. This includes many things such as easy fleshing, soundness (good feet), mothering ability and phenotype. We believe phenotype is of the utmost importance when selecting cattle. EPDs are a tool to help select them, but not to be relied on completely. We strive to make improvements to our herd every year. By making these improvements, we are developing a more consistent and efficient herd, which provides a deeper selection to use as replacements. We feel that it is more important than ever to have cattle that will be profitable for ourselves and our customers.

We are extremely excited to be offering this set of bulls for your consideration. All bulls have been parentage verified Please feel free to come for a visit and view the bulls any time. If you can’t make it out to the ranch please take a look at our catalog below, pictures, as well as the videos on this site. Feel free to give us a call with questions or concerns.

Patron 3036

A Don Julio son that is stout, deep bodied and very athletic. His dam goes back to the Montana X44 bull that has done a great job producing females that stay in production. As well as Feline 7042 that has become a matriarch here.

Intensity 3111

A long bodied Intensity son that gets wider from his front to back, he is small head and flat shouldered making him a calving ease candidate. Add in his ProS and HB epd, also making him a potential female producer.

Freedom 3128

The only Independence 0803 son in the offering. We retained this bull because of his calving ease and Marigold dam. 3128 is a smooth made bull from front to back making him an ideal bull for heifers.

Intensity 3160

Our first set of Intensity calves and they do not disappoint. Here is a soggy made son that is super impressive when you get behind him, yet has the right shape in the front end for heifers. He is a moderate, easy fleshing bull with a top 12% HB, he is the female making kind.

Intensity 3185

Here is possibly the easiest calving bull of the group with a 16 CED and -4.5 BW. Even with this kind of calving easy he still is carrying enough rib shape and muscle expression. The maternal grandsire is a herd bull we raised and used that kept his flesh and was extremely good footed.

Intensity 3198L

Just like all of his paternal brothers, they are peas in a pod. Fleshy, bold ribbed and a cookie cutter front end that is made for heifers. Maternaly he is stacked with our own genetics, this is the kind we strive for. Top 7% HB, 7% CEM and 10% HPG.

Intensity 3542

A dark red, extremely eye appealing Intensity son that is bold ribbed and stout. His dam goes back to the Mulberry 26P bull that made his mark in the breed. With an impressive 4% HPG, 6% CEM and 23% HB he has the potential to sire females that will go into production.

Relentless 3840

Here’s a dark Relentless son that ranks in the top 1% HPG, 2% ProS and 3% HB. This is the kind of bull you can build a foundation on, with a powerful maternal cow family as well. He stands wide at the ground and is easy fleshing.

Recon 3990

If you are looking to add muscle and stoutness then this is the bull to do it. He is wide made from the ground up and stout all through his top with a really clean front end. His dam coming from the Lakina cow family, she is a moderate stout made cow.

Resource 3012

This bull catches your eye with his balance and structure when set in motion. He will only keep getting better as he matures out. His dam is a cow that was our pick of the bred heifers in Big Sky Elite sale a year ago, from the famed Marigold cow family.

Intensity 3146

This bull is a three quarter brother to the 3542 bull, following the same type and kind. An extremely growthy bull that could be used on bigger heifers or cows. His dam goes back to our Destiny 4164 cow that we are very fond of, an X44 daughter that never misses.

Montana Made 3311

Here are some of the first calves we are seeing out of our Chateau herd sire that is extremely good footed and stout. 3311 is a long, growthy bull that should wean heavy calves. He carries an REA that is in the top 18% and STAY in top 25%.

Reform 3525

A Reform son that weaned off with a 113 ratio. Top 6% WW and 6% YW, this bull is made to put pounds on calves. He stands on big legs and a wide skeleton making him only suitable for cows. His dam has become a favorite as she always has a bull calf that makes the top end.

Resource 3532

These Resource 1052 sons are consistent cattle; 3532 is packing a lot of muscle through his top and down into his hip while being bold ribbed and gets out and travels well. His dam is a moderate female that consistently produces stand out offspring.

Reform 3605

A Weber Reform son that puts together a well balanced package. He has an expressive muscle pattern and still moves freely. His dam comes from the Chris cow family at C-T, she is an easy fleshing moderate cow that doesn’t miss.

Resource 3705

A Resource 1052 son that comes deep bodied and has an expressive rib with plenty of hind quarter. His dam is a cow that consistently produces the same type and kind. Her feet are good and she has a nice level udder.

Relentless 3742

Here’s a growthy bull that will disappoint when you see him in person. One of the heaviest weaning calves last fall, out of the popular Relentless bull. He stands on a solid set of feet and legs, wide bodied, flat shouldered tha balances up in a complete package.

Chateau 381

Here is one of the younger bulls in the offering out of our herd sire, Chateau 0737. A long bodied bull that’s wide from the ground up, standing on good feet with substance of bone. He will add a lot of growth to his calves.

Julio 3860

Another calf that Don Julio stamped, he is stout, bold ribbed and level topped. His dam is a moderate dark female that has been producing offspring that makes their way back into the herd.

Resource 3942

A bull that has all the pieces to make a herd bull that will add pounds to your calves. A Resource 1052 son that is expressive in his hip and has a lot of turn to his hip. His dam is a Foundation daughter that is an easy fleshing, bold ribbed female.

Relentless 3953

A Relentless son that puts together a complete package on paper and phenotype. Top 1% ProS, HB, HPG and several other figures that are on the top end. This bull speaks for himself; he is wide based which makes him have a thick top that carries down to his stifle. Still being smooth made and sound.